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Expensive Day Ashore

Yesterday, Feb. 7, I decided that to try and ease some of the anxiety about my anchoring situation here in Bradenton Beach, Florida, I needed to add some chain rode to my anchors. So I got myself together to wend my way out to Home Depot and buy some chain. I don’t know why, but I tossed my telephone into my backpack along with a paperback book. The bus route I take there has only one bus an hour so I need some entertainment and I have some audio books on the phone.

The primary purpose for the phone is the mobile hotspot. I LIVE on the internet. I can pick up a couple of faint, free signals here on the hook but they fade in and out. My second use for the phone is the audio books and then comes actually making a phone call.

Anyway, when I got back to the boat after buying 70 feet of 1/4-inch chain for $139, I couldn’t find my phone. I’d lost it somewhere along the line. Could have been anywhere. I called TMobile on Skype to get my phone number. I mean who the hell knows what their phone number is, anyway? It took four attempts because using the free wi-fi I kept getting cut off. I finally got it and called myself hoping that it might have fallen out somewhere on the boat and calling myself I might be able to hear it ring. It went directly to voice mail.

So this morning I get dressed and paddle ashore. When I get to the dinghy dock and go to secure the painter there, on the bottom, was my phone. It was low tide and I was able to scoop it up out of the sand. At least the SIM card wouldn’t be affected sitting underwater for 24 hours. Now, another $181 lighter, I’m back on the boat and back on line. Going to be short rations for the rest of February.


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What’s Written On Your Dash?

The one inescapable reality of life is that sooner or later everyone dies. Simple as that. Nobody gets out of here alive.

I was in the first graduating class of Nauset Regional High School. Class of 1960 which, strangely enough, consisted of 60 students. There are fewer of us now than there were on graduation day.

A group of Nauset alumni started a Facebook group called, “Nauset Remembers.” Part of it is a list of those no longer with us. Recently a group organized, for lack of a better word, a Remembrance night at the school. Not a memorial service, but more of a celebration of those who have preceded us into the great unknown.

Through that page I’ve been in contact with an old classmate, Jay Schofield. Jay has a blog and wandering through it he had a post of a eulogy he gave for a mutual friend, Bruce MacPherson. Jay wrote that when Bruce was inducted into the Massachusetts Football Coach’s Hall of Fame the theme of his induction speech was “The Dash.”

The dash he spoke of is placed on all gravestones and positioned between the date of birth and the date of death. Something like this…


Bruce questioned what people did with their dash — their time alive. Was it wasted or was it used to good purpose?

What will be written on your dash?


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