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Basically my posts are little more than first drafts of what’s going on in my life. They are quickly jotted down and just as quickly scanned for spelling errors which often elude me until I spot them on later readings. People have often said they like my writing style. I think these stories are decent enough because I once worked at a small daily newspaper. Most newspaper stories are essentially first drafts written under deadline pressures and hastily edited. (Quick sidebar: One day while working on that paper, the (then) Cape Cod Standard-Times, as the presses started rolling and the very first copies were distributed around the newsroom a glaring misspelling on a headline was apparent. Both the editor of the paper and I spotted the error at the same instant and made a mad dash for the door to the pressroom. I happened to get to it first and burst through to scream, “STOP THE PRESSES!!!” Doesn’t everyone working on a newspaper dream of such a moment?)

This piece has been percolating for the past couple of days as I tried to figure out the sequence in which to present it…

A few days ago someone I was talking with used the phrase, “It’s a small world.” We’ve all had moments in our lives that makes the phrase relatable. I have a couple of YouTube vids describing a couple of my more memorable “Small World” moments. I went back and watched them again. This one struck me the most…(Note: The name of the girl is NOT accurate, and THAT’S A FACT, JACK!)

I made this video in 2013, over 30 years after the incident. I’m looking at it now nearly 10 years further on. But I first met “Mary Ann” perhaps 48 years ago!

Naturally I wondered whatever happened to her in those intervening 40 plus years? But trying to find women is extremely difficult. They marry and their name changes. If you filter back through this blog to the story, “The $16.25 Divorce and a Tale of Seduction” you’ll see I was once involved with a woman who totally captivated me. Changed me in many ways. But she moved to California, became a “Moonie,” and got married in one of those Unification Church’s mass weddings. Of course I wondered what happened to her. I searched for YEARS. NOT with the idea we might rekindle an old flame but simply to find out what had gone on in her life. Believe it or not I finally FOUND HER. Her last name, of course, was different. But if I walked past her on the street I would instantly recognized her even though she’s now in her 70s. But after going through her Facebook feeds it hit me that if we met for the first time, NOW, I wouldn’t like her very much.

Just for giggles I entered “Mary Ann’s” name in the search feature of Facebook. Several possibilities came up. But one of the first mentioned Chicago. The picture was of a young girl probably in grammar school. I sent that person an IM and shortly received an answer back. It WAS her. She’d never married thus her name was the same as when I’d first met her. We’ve been writing back and forth a lot. She’s an interesting person. When you’re getting your hair done you have conversations with the snipper. They’re momentary slices of life with an occasional glimpse into the other person. The last few days we’ve explored each other’s personalities in greater depth. We have many similar interests and it has been a real find making this (Re)Connection. Who knows, one of these days we might see each other in the flesh again.

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