New Year’s Eve Repast

I was watching this video (the kids are fantastic, by the way) when I thought I heard someone calling my name outside. I went to the door and there was my next door neighbor with a plate of New Year’s food for me. A Panamanian tradition. He didn’t knock on my door because the man only had one arm and he was holding this plate which left him no way of knocking on the door.

What the plate offers is rice with guandu (rice and pigeon peas), baked ham and, of course, home made tamale rich with one of the free-range chickens that roam around my yard daily, but I doubt I’ll recognize which one is missing from the flock.



It’s not uncommon for my neighbors to share their food with me. Things are different down here in Panama and when I get invited to my neighbor’s birthday parties like last week, or receive a plate of food from a neighbor as I did just a little while ago, all I can say is that I LOVE IT HERE!!!


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4 responses to “New Year’s Eve Repast

  1. Pathway To Portugal

    Looks asambroso! I really like guandu beans. Happy New Year!

    Feliz año nuevo a usted, tambien.

  2. John & Susan Pazera

    You are surrounded by family!
    Those kids can sure dance!

  3. capt dan

    You are treated well by your neighbors because you are a good neighbor to them. Best wishes for the New Year!

    • that is so cool! I have been in Panama for 4 years and no one has ever brought me a plate! I DO love it here too. The people are so genuine. You fit right in.

      My neighbors bring me food all the time. When they cut down plantains or dig up yucca they often come by and drop some off for me. Of course I reciprocate, too, in a way. There is a lime tree in my back yard that pumps the things out like crazy. Much more than I could ever use, so I will either pick them myself and drop bags off at my neighbor’s houses or just let them come in and take what they want.

      But you live over there in Bocas which is a LOT different than living here en mi barrio where I’m the only gringo and have assimilated over the last three plus years.