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Funeral Songs

Recently on Facebook a couple of people have posed the question as to what songs people want to have played at their funerals. It may sound kind of morbid, but several years ago, before I moved to Panama, I made up a mix CD of the songs I want played at my sending off affair. I want to be cremated and have my ashes scattered on the deep blue waters of the Gulf Stream off of Fort Lauderdale where I lived for so many years. I envision that some of my molecules will make their way north along the waters I traveled so often and perhaps, just perhaps, some teeny weeny part of me might make it all the way across the big pond and back to the shores my ancestors came from.

But here are the songs I want wafting out over the waters when I go. You have to listen to the lyrics. The first song capturesĀ the spirituality I believe in:

Because my adult working life was a combination of working with the written word and plying the waters on boats, Tom Waits sumsĀ it all up here:

This Dave Hole song sums things up pretty well for me, too:

But then, when they actually start scattering my ashes I want THIS song BLASTING out over the Gulf Stream:


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