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No Group Has More Fun

Anyone who reads my blogs knows I absolutely love the Puddle Duck Racers. After all, thier motto is “cheap, creative, and having fun on the water.”

What other sailboat class has a “land speed record” category? So far no one has submitted an entry to this record but I’m sure someone is working on it.

Here are the rules for the land speed record:

1 – Boat does NOT have to be setup in class legal configuration
2 – May use any vertical or horizontal fins, or wheels & attached apparatus such as frame, structures etc. Also the hull may end up only being a cockpit for the land sailor carridge, but that is OK for this challenge.
3 – Skipper must remain in the boat for the entire distance, however all crew may be changed without limitation.
4 – Boat must be propelled by mother nature or human, no motors. Towing with a bicycle is OK, coasting down hill is OK.
5 – For distance record, you may make laps, if you have a GPS that logs distance traveled, you may use that for calculating distance traveled (does not have to be point to point).
6 – For speed record, you can use peak GPS or submit other means that used to calculate speed.
7 – Water must go, or be under the hull at some point in the record attempt. This might be as simple as duct taping a bottle of water under the hull, going over a puddle, or having the final stretch run into the lake.
This record shall be reset at the end of each year.

Rules 4 and 7 are my favorites.

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Crazy People On The Water

Pumpkins aren’t just for pie anymore…

I’m pretty sure these people are genetically linked to Puddle Duck Racers.

Read all about the Pumpkin Regatta here:


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Helpful Holiday Hint

Of course a Frenchman would know how to do this…

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I was at the ATM the other day and an elderly lady approached and asked me to  help check her balance. . . So I pushed her.

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THIS Is Shock & Awe

The military can’t come close to Mother Nature’s version of “Shock & Awe.”

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The NEW America’s Cup

Thomas Lipton would just shit if you could see this!!!

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Being Recognized

One place I check online a couple of times a day is the stats section of this blog. The interesting part of the stats is that it shows the location people use to click onto my blog. This evening I found two people had clicked through to me from something called “boat” Naturally I clicked on them to find out why since I have no known connection to them and found out that according to Boat I’m one of the “50 Must Read Boating Blogs” listed under their section called “Inspiration.” Their web page says, “Some blogs indulge their audiences with gorgeous photos, thoughtful meditations on boating life, humorous takes on maritime adventures, or some combination. Not always easily categorized, they’re still well worth your attention. Messing About in Boats, Tugster, Sea Fever, and OldSalt1942 fall into this category.”

Good strokes to the ego.


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