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Sea Sickness

The only “sure cure” for sea sickness is to sit peacefully under a tree until the feeling passes.


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This Explains A Lot

In an internet story “Ten Candidate Connections That May Surprise you, it was revealed that Delaware Senate candidate and aspiring witch Christine O’Donnell

is the daughter of Daniel O’Donnell, a T.V. actor who once played Bozo the Clown. Actually, that shouldn’t be a big surprise since she is a Tea Patootie Bozo incarnate.

The resemblance is uncanny.

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Birds of Panama

With a little bit of research I found there are about 1,000 different kinds of birds in Panama. Being a land-bridge between North and South America means Panama shares the bounty of both continents. Though not an avid birder, I’ve seen some wonderful specimens up here on the side of the mountain. Yesterday, on a long walk down the back road near the house, I spotted this bird without the help of binoculars.

Though not 100% certain, my best guess would be it is not an indigenous species.


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A Single Finger Salute To The Tea Party

About two kilometers below the house here in Potrerillos Arriba is a large agro-business complex, Grupo Athanasiadis, also known as Avicola. They are a major employer in the area and a large percentage of the workers are local Indians. Avicola “is dedicated to the production of fertile eggs; seedstock breeder hens imported from the U.S., the best meat-producing breeds with American technology and equipment.” They are also involved with beef, pork, egg production for consumption and juices.

Occasionally the bus I ride up and down the mountain will make a detour into the Avicola grounds and on the side of one of the buildings is the following sign.

It reads:

Something Different:

Capitalism and Socialism

The Best Combination

Entrepreneurs and Workers

Satisfied and Happy, United

For a More Just Society and a Better


Below the hand shake it says:

We Act With Conscience

I like the sentiments expressed in the sign. Whether the company actually follows through on it I don’t know.  They do run a small grocery store on the premises and their web site says the goods there are available to their employees “at cost.” It is open to the public and I have shopped there a couple of times. The price of chicken and other meats is less than what you would pay at El Rey or Super Baru supermarkets and is probably the source for those markets meats.

“Capitalism and Socialism: The Best Combination.” Take THAT all you Tea Party Patooties who shudder and quake at the dreaded word “Socialism.” I feel sorry for my homeland and what it has become and that millions of middle class Americans will go out and vote against their own best interests next Tuesday.


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Security Information

I just read a post in a local blog about some recent break-ins and thefts in my neighborhood. It got me to thinking about what you should do to aid the police should something happen like that to you.

Make a list of all the stuff you own that are easy targets for thieves…cameras, iPods, computers, jewelery, etc. List the brand, model and serial numbers. Take digital photos where possible. And for travelers take a photo or scan the first two pages of your passport. Put all that information into an email and send it to yourself. Make a folder in your email section listed as “Serial Numbers” or something similar. That way, if your stuff turns up missing you can access all the needed information from any computer with internet access at any time anywhere.

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Panama Parrots

One thing Panama has plenty of and that’s birds. All kinds of birds. I’m serenaded every morning by the crowing of roosters from all points of the compass. There’s my resident Rufus-tailed hummingbird in the flower garden. Several kinds of  wonderfully colored doves peck around the flower garden. And then there are the raucous flocks of parrots that scream from one treeline on one side of the property to the other. Hundreds of them and the racket is unbelievable.



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Minimalist PDR Cruiser

Any regular reader of this blog knows I have a real soft spot in my heart for the Puddle Duck Racer.  Naturally it was only a matter of time before someone expanded on the concept and turned one into a minimalist cruising reality. Probably the first to do it was Jason Nabors, who built the Tenacious Turtle which he entered in the epic Texas 200. Not really a race but more of a “cruise” up through the semi-protected waters along the Texas coast.

A bit crude in its execution and jarring to the eyes of anyone who loves classic boat lines as I do, I still thought it was one of the neatest things I’d ever seen.

Of course the Aussies couldn’t leave the simple PDR well enough alone and came up with the OZ PDR which is a bit flashier than the original. Now,Perttu Korhonen, in collaboration with Michael Storer who came up with the OZ design, has come up with the Ocean Explorer. No offense, Jim, but this one really has a chance of taking off.

Plans for building this wonderful little boat are available at Duckworks for $40 US. The set which is downloadable in PDF form from the above link consist of around 95 pages of drawings, photos and text which should provide you snow-bound dreamers with plenty to ponder this winter and hopefully kick-start you to build one yourself. You can get more photos here:

Personally I think I’d want to use these plans as an inspiration for modifying the  PDR Goose, the expanded 12′ version of the original 8-footer. It would allow you more room for supplies and, possibly, a companion.


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Things Men Know About Women










10. Women have breasts.


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Woo Hoo – I Finally Made The Big Time

Tropical Storm Richard to aim toward Yucatan and Gulf of Mexico

After emerging in the Caribbean on Thursday morning, Tropical Storm Richard was forecast to intensify into a hurricane by Saturday and aim toward the Gulf of Mexico early next week.

At 11 a.m., Richard, the 17th named storm of the season, was about 220 miles south-southeast of Grand Cayman, plodding southeast at 6 mph with sustained winds of 40 mph.

Under the long-range forecast, the system would hit Mexico’s Yucatan as a Category 1 hurricane early on Monday and downgrade to tropical storm.

“Plodding along…” well, what do you expect? I’m 68 years old. I don’t run much any more.


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Who hasn’t heard or used that expression? Ever wonder what fiddlesticks were? Actually I’d never thought about it, either, and then I saw this. It was added in the comment section of the most literate blog I read,

How cool is that?

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