Fuck Zuck!

For the second time in over a month I’ve been locked up for 30 days in Facebook prison because of something I posted. Each time it was something that triggered an algorithm. 

The first time was when I wrote that “Right wingers want EVERYONE to own a gun…except for ‘darkies’ and ‘beaners,’ of course…” Got me for using racist terms. I didn’t dispute the ban except Facebook doesn’t recognize sarcasm or consider context. So I sat it out. 

I belong to a lot of “Groups” on the site that have a special interest for me…ukuleles, boats, and most recently van life. I also have three groups of my own that I created, one of which has close to two thousand members!!! I can READ what’s posted, but I’m unable to post or make comments on the groups. I CAN, however, moderate my groups, approving or denying requests for membership.

After getting off of the ban a couple of weeks ago I was slammed again by an algorithm against “Bullying.” I appealed because, again, context was not taken into consideration. My appeal was denied. This is what caused it…There was a cartoon of a flatbed truck with a swimming pool and a guy on a high diving board zipping along the road in frame one. In frame two the truck has gone forward and the guy dives into the road. The poster read “Science, bitches!'”

I posted, “Since the truck, pool and diver are all traveling along at the same velocity, when he dives he will dive into the pool because “Physics, bitches!”

That’s considered “Bullying.” I appealed and someone with a dot on their forehead sitting in a haze of curry-scented air surrounded with tens of thousands of their Covid-killed countrymen said it WAS bullying. Fuck THEM! And Fuck ZUCK!

I’ll be posting here. I’m hunting for a minivan to start my next adventure. In fact, going to look at one in a little while in nearby Sanford, FL.

See ya!

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