It’s Been A Whole Year

When I opened Facebook this morning the “Memories” said it’s my anniversary here in The Swamp off the Saint Johns River in Central Florida….Prognosticators have prognosticated that the temp’s going to get up to the low 70sF with a 40% chance of rain in the afternoon Beats three foot of snow.

It’s a different Florida here than what I’ve been used to since coming down to attend the University of Miami. (“Attend” is the key word because I sure didn’t study a whole lot that year.) I spent 45+ years off-and-on around Fort Lauderdale and another 5 bouncing around on the end of a rope in a 22-foot sailboat off of Anna Maria island on the Gulf side. When my COPD got to the point where I realized i just couldn’t cope with that anymore my FB friend Capt’n Natural Lee offered my this spot in The Swamp. Traded dolphins and diving pelicans for gators, gobblers, and deet (lol. I meant to say “deer” but living here in mosquito land Deet has become my friend) . I like it here.


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3 responses to “It’s Been A Whole Year

  1. I laughed at your DEET reference. I’ve noticed that the kids use ‘deets’ now as an abbreviation for ‘details.’ That’s about the extent of my kidspeak. That bear astonished me. For some reason, I’ve never associated Florida and bears.