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Auto Insurance Bullshit!

My last moving traffic violation was in 1971! It’s not that I haven’t deserved citations since then, I just haven’t gotten caught. On the whole, though, I’m a cautious and safe driver even as I approach the 80th anniversary of transiting the center of our solar system. I’ve always kinda looked at auto insurance as betting against myself. And since I live deep in the swamp off the Saint Johns River in Central Florida and only venture outside its precincts a couple of times a week I HATE paying what I view as extortionate rates for coverage.

But, carrying auto insurance is mandated by the state so I have it. Recently I got a billing notice from my carrier. It costs me roughly $12 for insurance every time I go shopping. Thinking that’s ridiculous I decided to see if I could get a better deal somewhere else. I went on line and went through some absolutely ridiculous bullshit trying to gather quotes. Page after online page of info and end up with NO ONE just giving you a fucking number without talking to a human being.

I finally did talk to two agents and got one quote that was slightly lower than what I have now. And my coverage is the BARE MINIMUM!!! I have a 22-year old beater of an SUV. Last summer’s voyage to New Jersey and back saw me having to get my alternator replaces THREE TIMES! So I don’t carry comprehensive or collision coverage. Minimum liability and it costs me over $100 each month. Well, the best alternative I got would save me just over $4 a week. I’m poor, but saving $4 a week just isn’t enough incentive to go through with changing carriers. I’ll stick with what I have.

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