Experience is a wonderful thing. It enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again.


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  1. Dear Mr. Staigg, my name is (George) Richard Staigg (Jr.); my great-great whatever grandfather was Captain Archibald Staigg (from Leeds, England to Providence, RI to New Orleans, LA ca. 1863; his brother was the artist Richard Morell Staigg, eventually of Boston, MA. I only know of one other Richard Staigg (Philbrick), from Florida. Anyway, I’m guessing we’re distantly related but seem to have similar interests – predetermined perhaps? Hope to hear from you, obrigado and ciao for now …

  2. Well, well… lookie here! I found me a place to browse around. I even have a story to add re: the iguana stew, sometime when it’s raining and I’m not dead tired.

    Your post on invasive species suggests you might enjoy mine called The Surprise of Tiny Purple Things, if you haven’t bumped into it. It’s Florida, too, and janthina janthina (the purple sea snail) and eccentric Floridians from the old days…

    Loved your painting tip. I’ve passed it on to a friend who needs it, badly.