Truth VS Reality

A while back I was, I’m ashamed to say, eating at a fast-food establishment that sold “food” other than burgers. As I was eating my “meal” there was a young man making a scene at the counter. He had a distinct English accent and was complaining that what he had purchased didn’t look like the photo on the display from which you make your selection. He demanded that the minimum-wage drones who slap the slop together make him a product that looked exactly like the picture. This loudly went on for quite some time while the queue of hungry potential customers grew behind him. Finally the manager gave the complainent his money back and told him to take his “meal” with him gratis.

Of course what comes across the counter only vaguely resembles those luscious photos. Here’s what we’re inticed by and what we really receive.

And the reason why they aren’t the same…

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  1. These were great. I’ve known about such things – laquered apples, for example – but that “food artist” video is just the best.

    We’re such suckers.

    P.T. had it pegged.