“Champion” Jack Dupree Barrel House Piano Professor

“Champion”  Jack Dupree is another New Orleans piano pounder I have always admired though I never got to see him play. Orphaned at age 2 he grew up in the New Orleans Home for Colored Waifs as did Luis Armstrong. Jack taught himself piano and became known as a barrel-house  style “professor.”

In his early years he lived in Chicago and then moved to Detroit where he worked as a cook and met the great Joe Louis who encouraged Jack to become a boxer. He ultimately fought in 107 bouts and winning the Golden Gloves and other championships, and picked up the nickname “Champion Jack” that he used for the rest of his life.

Dupree moved to Europe in 1960 living in Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden and England before settling in Germany where he died of cancer in 1992.


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2 responses to ““Champion” Jack Dupree Barrel House Piano Professor

  1. I’d never heard of Champion Jack Dupree, but then I hadn’t thought of Fats Domino in forever, either.

    Looks like it’s going to be a boogie-woogie late morning!

    Champion Jack has been one of my favorites for years. In fact, Jack give himself credit for giving fats some of his early songs.

    BTW, it’s flattering that you read my blog so regularly, and you have posted more comments than anyone else. Thank you. I’m glad you enjoy my junk.

    • I love music and I love the water – you’re pretty much a natural stop on my blog-strolls.

      As for comments – what’s the use of stopping by if you don’t take time to chat?

      Then we’re very much alike. Though with a lot of your literary posts I just can’t come up with anything that might actually contribute to the content.