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Watch out Panama: Here I Come!

The last hurdle to moving to Panama has been overcome. The boat was sold today. Much less than it’s worth; a little less than I’d hoped for (but not a lot less). Tomorrow I’m buying a one-way ticket to Panama and will be there for the first of May. Buying a one-way ticket because with the Pensionado visa tickets I purchase in Panama get a 25% discount.

5 p.m. Sunday,  March 21, 2010

5:10 p.m.

5:12 p.m.

For a while I was convinced you couldn’t sell hundred dollar bills for fifty bucks with the state of today’s economy. but some guy from the Bahamas wanted the boat and it’s his, now. A great boat for over there. He got a real bargain and I get to continue to pursue my One More Good Adventure.


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