Just Couldn’t Resist


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2 responses to “Just Couldn’t Resist

  1. As they say in the blog world, I am laughing out loud. I posted exactly the same video in a British woman’s blog on Weather Underground.

    I know, I know – it’s really quite horrid and an economic disaster and if that magma flows this way or that there are bigger troubles on the horizon, but still….

    Some things just have to be done 😉

    Linda: I knew when I posted it that it wouldn’t be an original thought, and beyond that I’m really caught up in tying up all loose ends for the move to Panama that now stands at 11 days and a wake up means I’m not really into keeping the blog as a priority in my life right now.

    The reason I even looked the video up in the first place is that the female of the couple for whom I’ll be house sitting for in Panama wrote today and said that her son, a cousin, a niece and her family are all stranded in Europe right now because of the volcano. That inspired me to look on YouTube to see if there was a Buffett vid and I sent it to her. Naturally I then whacked it into the blog.

    I also found this one. I love the song having to drive on I-95 so often and I think the vid is just hilarious.

    I’ve been a Buffett fan since he performed as the entertainment at the second Fort Lauderdale to Key West race back in ’77, the year before he hit it big. Then he was just a local guy. I’ve also enjoyed his books and read ‘Where In The World Is Joe Merchant?” entirely at stop lights.

  2. Love the “War is Not the Answer” bumper sticker.
    Actually, love the whole video.

    A small, true story that just came to mind. A friend was once denied a parking spot by a woman who came roaring across the parking lot and pulled in ahead of him, just as he was beginning his turn into the space.

    Being a rational sort, he didn’t make a gesture, or swear, or key her car. He found a parking spot, a pen and a piece of paper. He wrote a note, and after she’d gone into the store he slipped the note under her windshield wiper.

    The note said, “I’m so sorry I damaged your car. I didn’t mean to, and I know it will be costly to get it repaired, but I don’t have insurance and I don’t have money. So, I just wanted to say I’m sorry.”

    Some people just have class 😉

    Eleven and a wake-up! Good thoughts to you!