Out Of Touch

Almost three days, well in another couple of hours, since there has been no internet at the house. I called twice and they say they know of the problem in Potrerillos and are working to fix it. I don´t believe Potrerillos is a huge profit center for them so I doubt they´re working real hard. I found this internet place in Dolega a  small town heading down the mountain to David. It costs seventy cents an hour for access and it’s really difficult using the Spanish keyboard. While the letters are in the right places the punctuation marks are all over the place. Forinstance, to get the @ you have to press control+alt+q.  That{s the easiest example I can come up with. Also, the left hand shift key is tiny and I’m constantly hitting< so, I’m going to wait until I get reconnected at the house.


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2 responses to “Out Of Touch

  1. Hi Richard: I was wondering about the prolonged radio silence. I’ve had those same problems with C&W and I live in the city.

    If you use the Spanish keyboard long enough, you’ll get accustomed to it. I own one and my typing is intuitive. I don’t even realize it’s a Spanish keyboard. For the “at” (@) sign I use the ALT key and number 64. I’ve been using this trick for years now.

    Glad to have you back in the civilized world.


  2. If it’s not one thing it’s another. I see you’re back – that’s good.

    I wouldn’t know how to begin learning such keyboard tricks – I’m one of those lazy, GUI sorts. I suppose I could find charts and graphs and tables and indexes all over the net – and maybe one day I’ll look. But not now. 😉