Best World Cup Comment (So Far)

“I’d rather watch the sewer back up than watch a soccer game. . .Larry F on Yahoo Sports”


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3 responses to “Best World Cup Comment (So Far)

  1. Hi Richard:

    Mr. Fon doesn’t know what he’s missing. It’s the best sport in the world…literally.



    I don’t know, Omar, I wouldn’t go as far as Larry F does, I DID watch, sort of, the U.S. lose to Ghana and Argentina stick it to Mexico but soccer (actually soccer was coined by the Brits who actually invented the game) pretty much leaves me cold. It’s not that I don’t understand the game. I do. It’s what we played at the small high school I went to on Cape Cod, American football being way too expensive with all the equipment needed. That and the fact that a good percentage of the population on the Cape back then was Portuguese.

    There’s a simple reason soccer is so universally played around the world. All that’s needed is a ball, and if kids can’t afford even that they can make a ball, of sorts, and still play the game.

    Overall, I’m not a huge fan of team sports. I much prefer individual competitions…track and field, boxing, real wrestling, swimming, things like that where a loss doesn’t result in such whining as “I was in the open. If you’d passed ME the ball we would have won.” One thing I’m looking forward to next month is the Tour de France. Just completing that race, much less winning it, is a feat in itself. I don’t know how the t.v. coverage will be here in Panama, but I loved watching it in the States just to see the countryside as the competitors rode through it.

    • Hi Richard:

      I don’t think you will have the Tour de France on open TV. Without a doubt it will be on cable TV, perhaps ESPN.

      Don’t know much about the sport and have seen very little about it to give you an honest comment.

      I’m not much of a sports fan; however I like to watch the Yankees play. Mariano Rivera is a well known star there as well as Derek Jeter, Andy Petite, and Jorge Posada. All of these guys have been playing together for at least 16 years, when they were just kids growing up. Now Mariano is 40 and Jeter is 36.

      My two cents con the subject. 🙂


  2. I did watch some World Cup this year because I read a South African woman’s blog and her excitement was contagious. I don’t know – it still looks like sophisticated dodgeball to me.

    On the other hand, we now have the vuvuzelas. As a matter of fact, a nice American entrepreneur has created a vuvuzela alarm clock. I’m trying to think who might deserve it for Christmas.