Home Made Sea Swing Stove

One of the pieces of gear that I really loved on my Nancy Dawson was the gimbaled Sea Swing stove.


It was great for cooking while bouncing around underway. I always cooked things in my small pressure cooker without the weight. With the cover locked on even if dinner got flung across the cabin you weren’t cleaning up the food all over the bunks and cabin sole. I also used it at anchor and in port when I needed a third burner to supplement my usual stove top.

They go for about a hundred bucks a pop at West Marine.

I recently subscribed to a Yahoo Group called LowCostVoyaging and someone calling themselves Ken V came up with this home made version which is really clever. His post read, “I have a non-gimballed stove in my galley, and needed a stove that would work on passage. I put together a low cost gimballed stove out
of a propane camping stove and a galvanized steel pail. To make the stove, take apart the camp stove and find a way to fit it through a hole in the bottom of the pail, then hang the pail where it can swing. I had no spillage even close hauled into 6 ft breakers.”




There are few people as resourceful as cruisers on a budget.

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