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Some Interesting Stats About My Blogs

As the regular readers of this blog probably know I also have another blog


While this blog is simply for whatever strikes my fancy at the moment, boats, music, my move to Panama, the other blog is specifically about houseboats, shanty boats and minimalist boating. I don’t let it branch off into other subjects. I started it a few months after this blog and at first I posted nearly every day. Then I tailed off abruptly because I pretty much ran out of things to post when I discovered I had become a “source.” That is, when I would Googled for new ideas I found my blog was dominating the results.

To date that blog has received 58,216 hits. This one has had 28,164.

WordPress keeps track of all that stuff in their “Dashboard” page for each blog and there is a “Stats” section that I find interesting. Yesterday 65 people came here to see what sort of drivel I might have added recently. I haven’t added a new post to my shanty boat blog for nearly two weeks but yesterday it got 511 hits! The busiest day ever. The busiest day this blog ever had was October 28, 2009 when 176 people checked in.

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