Panama Parrots

One thing Panama has plenty of and that’s birds. All kinds of birds. I’m serenaded every morning by the crowing of roosters from all points of the compass. There’s my resident Rufus-tailed hummingbird in the flower garden. Several kinds of  wonderfully colored doves peck around the flower garden. And then there are the raucous flocks of parrots that scream from one treeline on one side of the property to the other. Hundreds of them and the racket is unbelievable.



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  1. Believe it or not, we have wild parrots, too. They’re actually Monk parakeets, and they showed up here about fifteen-twenty years ago. They’ve multiplied like crazy, build their colony nests in the high-tension line poles as well as palm trees, and seem to be especially fond of live oak acorns.

    They’re funny, pretty birds, but they chatter as much as yours!

    We had parrots around Fort Lauderdale, too, even macaws. I don’t know if there were any native species there. Most were escaped pets. They, too, build their nests around power lines often causing power outages when they cross two lines and make themselves into crispy critters. The large green iguanas also cause a lot of similar outages. We had one behind our house a year or so ago and the repair man said they are called out on average of once a day somewhere around the area because of the iguanas.