A Single Finger Salute To The Tea Party

About two kilometers below the house here in Potrerillos Arriba is a large agro-business complex, Grupo Athanasiadis, also known as Avicola. They are a major employer in the area and a large percentage of the workers are local Indians. Avicola “is dedicated to the production of fertile eggs; seedstock breeder hens imported from the U.S., the best meat-producing breeds with American technology and equipment.” They are also involved with beef, pork, egg production for consumption and juices.

Occasionally the bus I ride up and down the mountain will make a detour into the Avicola grounds and on the side of one of the buildings is the following sign.

It reads:

Something Different:

Capitalism and Socialism

The Best Combination

Entrepreneurs and Workers

Satisfied and Happy, United

For a More Just Society and a Better


Below the hand shake it says:

We Act With Conscience

I like the sentiments expressed in the sign. Whether the company actually follows through on it I don’t know.  They do run a small grocery store on the premises and their web site says the goods there are available to their employees “at cost.” It is open to the public and I have shopped there a couple of times. The price of chicken and other meats is less than what you would pay at El Rey or Super Baru supermarkets and is probably the source for those markets meats.

“Capitalism and Socialism: The Best Combination.” Take THAT all you Tea Party Patooties who shudder and quake at the dreaded word “Socialism.” I feel sorry for my homeland and what it has become and that millions of middle class Americans will go out and vote against their own best interests next Tuesday.


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