Counting Down…

Yesterday, April 4, I bought my airline ticket to the States. The countdown begins on the time I have left here in Panamá…Twenty days.

It”s also a countdown on how much longer THIS blog will continue. It’s mainly been about my life as an expatriate. (I hate it when people call it expatriot! That implies that a person was once patriotic but no longer is. The key part of the word is patriate,  from the Latin Patria,  or homeland).

When I return to the states I’ll be moving onto a small sailboat…

and, hopefully, making my way along the entire littoral of the Gulf of Mexico from Fort Myers, Florida to Brownsville, Texas.

Starting a new chapter in my life means I need to start a new blog to document it. I’ll provide a link later, but it’s going to be called Another Good Adventure.”

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  1. Twenty days to the Gulf, eh? Will be interested to see the new iteration of your life. We’re leaving our beloved shantyboat The Floating Empire for our new cruiser Tesla’s Revenge ( and will be following you. Hell, maybe we’ll be running into you.

    We definitely need to stay in touch. The Gulf may LOOK big but it’s easy to run into people you know, or would LIKE TO know. I’ll keep the name Tesla’s Revenge (I like that, by the way) in mind and keep a weather eye peeled. I haven’t decided what I’m going to name my latest boat. I might call it Nancy Dawson like the first one, but I’m leaning towards “La Chiricana.” in honor of Chiriqui Province, Panama, where I’ve been living for the past eight years.