Today at 5:07 P.M., Eastern Time, in the Pueblo of Boqueron, Panama, I wrote the words “THE END” on the first draft of my book. It stands at 49,335 words but it will grow with the addition of dialogue and better description. But the basics are all there. I’ll let it rest for a while and then start the job of editing it and getting it formatted for publication which will be done digitally and available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other outlets through Smashwords.


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3 responses to “WHEW!

  1. Don Ray

    Best wishes on a best seller.

    I can’t see that happening, Don, but a little something to supplement my income would be welcome.

  2. You never know. I figure the Oprah might be down with the idea of a program focusing on a romantic expat choosing a life in the jungles for the sake of his art…

    You know as well as I do that MUCH weirder things have happened!

    Well, she and her crew better pack up and come down here, then, because there’s no way I’m going to Chicago at this time of year.

  3. Hi Richard:

    Congrats! Finally the Old Man spoke and you wrote the words. Wonderful combination and a magnificent result. Let me know when I can buy it at Amazon.



    Thanks for your support, Omar, but one of the places I’m going to be putting the book is on Smashwords and they have a wrinkle where the author can issue a “coupon” for free downloads and believe me, my friend, you’re at the top of the list to get one of them.