It Actually Worked!

Patience not being my long suit I didn’t want to wait for Smashwords to go through their process before putting my book on, so, as I said yesterday, I went there and did it myself. AND IT WORKED! This morning when I went there to check, sure enough, it’s available as a Kindle download.



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2 responses to “It Actually Worked!

  1. Hi Richard:

    It sure did. I was at Amazon early this morning, and lo and behold, your book was right there waiting for customers. You finally made to the Great Leagues.



  2. What? You’re not the very embodiment of patience? Who knew? 😉

    I’ll go exploring a bit later. I’m in the midst of a blue norther blowing through, and have decided that it’s going to be too cold even for the plants I was going to leave outdoors. So, I’m pushing and tugging and threatening the cat within an inch of her life if she doesn’t stop eating all the new greenery.

    It was 70 at 5 a.m., and now it’s 42. We’ve got three days of lows in the mid-20s, highs around freezing and snow in the forecast for Thursday night/Friday. Yee-haw!

    You have no idea how glad I am not to have to put up with that stuff anymore.