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Back In Potrerillos

I returned to Potrerillos Arriba yesterday afternoon for an indefinite stay. Steve, the owner of the house, has been having serious back pain since he came back here in mid-November. Actually even before then. He and his wife, Jane, have spent a great deal of their time this trip consulting with various doctors and an MRI was done at Hospital Chiriqui. The opinion was that Steve needs surgery. The two have returned to the States for further consultation and for insurance purposes.

Naturally they called me the other day and asked me if I’d come look after the house and the neurotic canine-on-residence. How could I say no? I LOVE this place though I’m a bit ambivalent about the dog. Besides, I’m retired. I don’t have a job, what else do I have to do?

It’s a bit hazy looking down the mountain this morning and the low mountains are indistinct, gray bumps in the distance and the Pacific Ocean is invisible. But it’s a lot quieter here this morning than in Boqueron. Every once in a while I hear a cock crow and not the 30 fighting cocks that were my neighbors.


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