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Dog Artistry?

Several years ago I saw a story on t.v. about a dog who constantly arranged its toys in artistic patterns in the back yard.The dog had tons of stuffed toys and she would place them around the yard grouped by type, size, and assemble them in circles, squares and triangles on the lawn. The owner would gather the toys and pile them all up on the back and the dog would do it all over again.

After more than an hour on YouTube I was unable to find anything about this phenomenon. Perhaps it was from pre-YouTube days.

What made me think about this comes from the house’s resident mutt, Charlotte.

In a nearby wooded patch Charlotte found a treasure trove of huge bones which she faithfully brings back to the house to gnaw on at her leisure. This morning I noticed that she had arranged them on the lawn at the side of the house in this pattern.

I hadn’t noticed the arrangement of the bones before this morning. What is interesting is that every now and thenĀ  she will take one of the bones from the collection over to the blanket she lies on and chew on it for a while and then replace it when she’s finished.

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