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Allowing Gays To Marry Would Destroy The Sanctity Of The Union And Destroy The Moral Fabric Of Society

From today’s Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel newspaper…

Lighthouse Point woman accused of domestic violence hours into marriage


Newlyweds from Lighthouse Point spent their first morning as husband and wife telling the story of their honeymoon night — to police.

Bernadette Besario Catan-Keeler, 30, was arrested and charged with domestic violence battery Sunday morning. Police said she attacked her husband and bit him.

The couple told authorities they got married Saturday.

Judge John “Jay” Hurley set her bond at $4,500, and ordered Catan-Keeler to stay away from alcohol and her husband.

“For newlyweds, this is not starting things off on the right foot, for sure,” he said.



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