Your Town On Penny Postcards

Here’s a great site worth checking out…

Here’s a picture of the town on Cape Cod where I grew up. Despite the age of the cars in the photo not much has really changed. The last time I was there a couple of years ago that building on the right with the cupola was still there. Right across the street, where the photographer stood to take the picture, is probably the first cemetery in the town. The grave markers are leaning over at odd angles and the dates on them go back to the early 1700s.

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  1. I’m back home at last, and trying to get caught up with everything and everyone. At least the laundry is done!

    I really enjoyed your previous post “Down at the Depot”. Great photos, and what a variety of things happening around there! The truth is, Panama just seems to take good photos – so much color and interesting design.

    I love this postcard site, too. If you go to Iowa, click Jasper County and look at the pic of the YMCA, you’ll be looking at my usual lunch venue during Junior High. The two block across from the Y, the vantage point for the pic, held the two buildings of the school. We were free after the first semester of 7th grade to go to the Y if we wished – we could get hamburgers and such, and there was a juke box for dancing.

    My greatest school humiliation was forgetting to get rid of my chewing gum when I ran across the street back to the school. I was made to stand on the stage in front of the study hall, with my gum on my nose.

    Thanks for the memory! And for the site, and for the great pic of your town!

    A friend of mine who had a house here in Balboa sent the post card thing to me and naturally, after I looked at it I sent the link to everyone on my email list. It’s pretty cool and probably everyone can either find a photo of their home town or one nearby that they can identify with.

    Panama is pretty photogenic. Plus, I’m seeing it through new eyes so there’s a lot of stuff I find interesting.