Last Solo Sunrise

The only thing special about today’s sunrise is that I was able to witness it. This is the last sunrise I’ll see in Potrerillos Arriba with no one else around except the dog. The owners arrive late this afternoon. I’ll be spending the night for a couple of reasons. One, they’ll be traveling all day long and, as I did last year, I’ll fix dinner. Two, you can’t say, “welcome home, thanks for letting me live in your house for free the last eight months. . . see ya!” and split. Well, I guess some people could do that but I can’t.

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  1. Hope all is going smoothly and that your friends arrived safely. I really looked at the clouds in your photo this morning, and look! It’s the Buddha, with his head back, laughing, and his arms thrown out to the sides! See his head and his belly? You don’t? Oh, well….