Dry Season In Panama

Well, January is just about over and we’re definitely in the middle of the dry season. So far this month we probably haven’t even had an inch of rain. One afternoon it rained very gently for about an hour and that’s it.

You may remember this video I shot a couple of months ago when we were getting a lot of rain every day…

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Well, here’s the same stretch of river this morning…

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  1. You’d want to have a good bit of water over those rocks, or you could take quite a pounding. The rivers around here that are commonly used for rafting do have rocks, but not so many, and not so big – not as I remember, anyway.

    That’s really quite a pretty scene today – especially since it’s a dry “season” and not drought.

    Some of those rocks are HUGE. There’s one that’s at least 2/3 the size of a Volkswagen Beetle. Up about half way in the picture, over on the left, the people whose property ends at the river there gathered rocks and made a bit of a dam so that even at this time of the year there is a nice pool there. They use it for bathing on those days when the water pressure is real low and sometimes I’ve seen the Abuela doing laundry there, too.