Happy Birthday USA

I was going to start out with a nice feel-good reminiscence of my childhood Fourth of July activities growing up in the small Cape Cod town of Orleans. Of marching in the band early in the morning, of working like a demon at the Snack Shack at Nauset Beach during the day and filling endless bags with popcorn for the people who had come to the beach to listen to the band concert and watch the fireworks display. (Do you have any idea the volume of popcorn there is in a 50 lb. sack of popcorn?)

But this being an election year and the utter silliness that is being spewed by conservative right-wingers, especially since the Supreme Court gave the okie dokie to Obama/Romney Care, I have to devolve into a rant.

If the conservatives of 1776 had had their way there wouldn’t BE a United States. The “Founding Fathers” of the country were NOT conservatives. They were a cabal of dangerous traitors who preached and then put into action armed, open revolt against the existing order. The conservatives of that time, labeled as “Tories,” were as dead set against separation from the mother country as the Founding Fathers were for independence. Had the conservatives of 1776 been able to get their hands on John Hancock, Sam Adams and his cousin John, Paul Revere, George Washington and the rest they would have strung them up to the nearest tree and killed them. Simple as that.

If the conservatives of 1776 had their way we’d all be singing God Save The Queen instead of the Star Spangled Banner at the start of NASCAR races and the Super Bowl.

Conservatives of 1776 were wrong then. Conservatives of 2012 are wrong now. Nothing, absolute NOTHING worthwhile has ever been accomplished by maintaining the conservative status quo.




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2 responses to “Happy Birthday USA

  1. Andres Espino Dennison

    You know.. I have always wondered how come the Republicans claim to be the “Grand Old Party” (GOP) when they are not the oldest American party, although the rival Democratic Party is older. The Republican Party as we know it wasn’t founded until 1854 and than by anti-slavery expansion activists. Only Eighteen US presidents have been Republicans.

    SO THE FOUNDING FATHERS were for the most part For The People, which is reflected in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I wish we could see some good practical ‘middle of the road’ government which emphasizes the best of both parties for the good of everyone. No one wants a country where everyone is ‘on the dole’ and living by government handouts.. neither do we want the power and wealth controlled by a ‘few’ privileged people with promises it might ‘trickle down’ to the rest of us. As I look at this Independence day i think most are looking for an America that is fair and just with personal liberties and freedom to choose and free enterprise with some chance to get ahead. The Republicans in 1854 were not anti-slavery for the most part.. Many owned slaves and even engaged in slave trading, but they were upset that the money produced by it was mostly going to the south who were not pro unionists.

    SO I THINK democrats should be the Grand old Party rather than republicans. If we had to define the founders i think we would call them Democratic Republicans today since being the radicals they were, they founded a Constitutional republic. They never intended America to be governed by ‘the few with the cash’ They were well aware of the axiom ‘he who has the gold makes the rules’ having left the monarchies of western Europe for this brave new world.

  2. John

    Richard, I enjoyed your 4th of July post. The Republicans need to be reminded of their constant hypocrisy. I think one of the most ironic things they’ve done is the gutting of the Bill of Rights by passing the Patriot Act, and one of the most shameful things the Democrats have done was voting for it right along with the Republicans.

    My family history, both side, goes back to the 1630s. Both sides of my family fought on the winning side of the Revolution. Family tradition says that one of my forebears on my father’s side actually dressed up like an Indian and took part in the original Tea Party. Whether this is true or not I don’t know, but I do know that those I’ve descended from would spit on the Tea Party people of today with great contempt. I DO know, though, that one of my relatives on my father’s side was with Ethan Allen when he took Fort Ticonderoga. Members of my family have fought in most of the country’s wars. I was lucky, though, and had been discharged from the Navy about six months before the Gulf of Tonkin fiasco that got 55,000 or our classmates and neighbors killed in Nam. I had a cousin who served in that conflict, though, and I have a nephew that served two tours in Iraq and another who just made sergeant in the Army last month. I have nothing but utter disdain for the chickenhawks in Congress and the Teapublicans who think it would just be nifty as all get out to go to war with Iran. But I need to stop this before another rant overwhelms me.