Scouring The Internet So You Don’t Have To




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4 responses to “Scouring The Internet So You Don’t Have To

  1. leftclique

    I think Obama will win, but it’s going to be a long evening/morning.

  2. leftclique

    We’ve come up with two excellent ideas to make this evening more palatable. I made a Black Russian. Sandy put on a George Carlin skit.

  3. leftclique

    It’s a beautiful morning.

  4. Capt Dan

    Thanks! Got a good giggle from several of the above. “Legit grape” was the one most responsible for the trouncing of the creep that inspired it. I have often wondered how men would react if the politicos would try and legistate what we can or can not do with our male bodies as aggresively as they do with female bodies. I’m quite sure the reaction wouldn’t be pretty. I’m also quite sure that the reaction would be both swift and resounding. Bottom line – men can’t come home pregnant.