Another Step Closer

I had to go do some grocery shopping in David this morning and still not having heard from the driving school about what’s going on with my diploma I stopped in. (The school only a block and a half off the bus route.) Et voilà as we used to say in Antibes, it had finally arrived.


I go to the licensing agency Thursday morning to take the written (in Spanish) and practical tests. I don’t think it’s going to be too hard taking the written test. Just need to remember the speed limits for things like school zones, etc. The rest of it is just common sense and not really any different than the rest of the world. I’ll let you know what happens.


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2 responses to “Another Step Closer

  1. At least they gave you something that looks very fancy and official! 😀

    I can hang it up there on the wall right next to my Florida Notary Public thingy with Jeb Bush’s signature.

  2. Glad to see the wheels of the bureaucracy turning, so yours can, too! No question you’ll do fine on the test.

    We’ll know tomorrow. Actually I don’t think the written test will be much of a problem even though it’s in Spanish. The school gave us a book with all of the questions they ask on the tests and the answers. Most of it’s common sense and similar world wide. Just need to remember the speed limits for things like school zones (20 kph). If the practical test is the same as the one I saw I shouldn’t have a problem with that, either. We’ll see.