Happy Birthday, Mom

Had she lived, my mother would have been 95 years old today.

Mom 1944

Jean at 3-4 years old


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4 responses to “Happy Birthday, Mom

  1. Hi Richard:

    Beautiful woman, your mother. She had lovely eyes. You must be a proud son to have had a mother like the one on both pictures. She could easily have been a fashion model or something like that.



    Gracia, amigo. She was beautiful inside and out. Unfortunately she suffered greatly from arthritis and was an invalid for all intents and purposes when she was in her 40s. Needed crutches at first and finally a walker. She was only 58 when she died.

  2. Matt

    It’s great to remember those who came before us. Earlier this week we laid to rest my grandpa. Three months shy of being on this earth for 102 years. I treasure the stories he’s told and times I spent with him.

    I come from a rather long-lived family, myself, but I don’t know of anyone who hit the century mark. Some came close. Both my paternal grandparents were well into their 90s when they died. My uncle Ed was just a few months short of 100, though. My dad, in spite of open-heart surgery, twice, and a pacemaker fell four months short of hitting 90. He did pretty good up until a couple of months before the end. He golfed a lot. One of the last things he said was, “If I knew dieing was going to be so tough I don’t think I’d have signed up for it.”

  3. capt dan

    Hey Richard,
    How have you managed to preserve all of your familiar photos considering your great move? I’ve done nothing as dramatic as you, but have considerably less from my past.

    It’s a wonder I have what I do, Dan. I lost a lot of photos living on the boat. The moisture welded a lot of them together and peeling them apart damaged them. Then I lost more when the damned boat sank at the dock one day. The old family photos I got after I’d moved back ashore. When I knew I was going to be moving to Panama I spent hours scanning the photos I had. I saved them to my computer and then I also transferred them to two separate external hard drives so they’re in three different locations should one or another shit the bed.

  4. capt dan

    My least favorite boat of the five I’ve owned, sank at the dock also. The forward port bow line broke and the wind pushed her bow under the dock – she subsequently sank in the incoming tide. Fortunately she was well insured. Since I wasn’t living there I didn’t lose anything irreplaceable as you did.

    Lost my favorite boat – a Grady-White 29′ to hurricane Francis. Had much bigger boats, but never better.

    My best old buddy from my home state of Michigan almost can’t complete a sentence without adding “Who shit the bed Fred?”

    Example “Sorry about your boat and the pictures you lost Richard – Who shit the bed Fred?”

    I’m about to start a project to transfer all my old family videos to digital format. Hope to have my kids do all the scanning of all my old picts like you did.
    However, I still don’t have pictures going way back like you do – and unfortunately, I never will. Lucky you to have the visual links to your past in your well backed-up possession..