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Disturbing Dreams

I’ve been having some disturbing dreams recently. No, not THOSE kinds of dreams where people or monsters are chasing me, stuff like that. No, I’ve been dreaming a lot in SPANISH lately.

Dreaming in another language isn’t new to me. I remember the first time I had a dream in French. It woke me up! You know when you start dreaming in another language that it has become a part of you. It’s in your subconscious.

Those dreams in French were always appropriate, though. What I mean is that when I was speaking French it was always to French people who only spoke French. Naturally, even in my dreams, I’d have to talk to them in French or they wouldn’t be able to understand me, right?

Well, the thing with the Spanish dreams is that while they started in the same way, talking to my neighbors when they showed up in the dreams it had to be in Spanish so we’d understand each other. But the last few nights I’ve had dreams in Spanish where Spanish-speaking people I knew weren’t a part of the somniferous movie. Now THAT’S disturbing! I guess that’s what happens when you’ve been totally immersed for nearly four years in another language.

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