Been A Month

It’s been just over a month since my last post. A combination of things have contributed to the delay. One was moving from the old house to the new one, of course, and I really didn’t feel like writing about that. Boring. And speaking of boring, I kinda got bored with blogging, to tell you the truth, so I just didn’t do it. So shoot me!

It’s a bit noisier in the new house. The old digs were a little bit removed from everyone else, but here I’m surrounded by my neighbors. The young kids play right outside my gate. The neighbors are constantly dropping in on each other so their conversations drift my way. I drop in on them, too and get to mangle the Spanish language.

My lady neighbors are constantly asking me if I cook. I ask them if they think I eat everything out of a can. Certainly don’t order pizza delivered. Closest place that does that is about 15 miles away. Of COURSE I cook. And they’re always surprised when I tell them things like I had chicken a la king for la cena (supper) or chicken curry, stuffed peppers, home made spaghetti sauce, etc. But that still doesn’t seem to sink in all the way. Just as I was getting ready to fix lunch, Llella, from across the street brought me this…


A nice salad with fresh veggies, a dab of tuna and rice with guandú. Guandú, also known as ‘pigeon peas,’ are extremely popular here in Panama. The things grown on trees, not vines as we think of peas:


and when they’re stripped from the pods they look like this:


As you walk around in David or Bugaba you see people with plastic bags full of guandú for sale. This lunch was the first time I’d eaten guandú and I thought it rather bland and not something I’d go out of my way to buy on my own, but I enjoyed my Panamanian lunch.


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6 responses to “Been A Month

  1. I love how the Panamanians like to feed you. My friends bring me food too, knowing I like to try the local food. In return I bring them some of my food now and then so they can try some US style food. Guandu? My neighbor gave me some seeds so I have quite a bit in my front yard. I like it and it’s supposed to be high protein good stuff. Since it’s free for the picking, I’ll freeze what I don’t use right away. Let me know if you want some seeds. Having it in the yard makes me feel very Panamanian 😀

    Thanks for the seed offer, but I’m not sure where I’d put a tree. The side yards here are narrow. I can touch the fence and house by stretching out my arms. The front yard is also quite small though I have a really nice front porch. The back yard, small as well, is dominated by a very large avocado tree which has recently flowered. I’m going to be eating a LOT of guacamole in a few months. You’ll need to drop by and take some off my hands.

  2. banjaxd

    You may get bored of blogging, but I never get bored of reading your blogs. Seems like you have neighbours to be envious of.

    Cheers, Kevin.

    I DO have wonderful neighbors. That’s why when the lease was up on the other house and I was offered this one (though I could have stayed in the old house until it sells) I took it. I didn’t want to leave the barrio.

  3. indacampo

    Kris was telling me that you had moved house. I took a break also, it does the cranium good to just “be” for a while. You always have something wonderful to contribute about your neck of the woods, don’t give it up altogether. 🙂

    Glad you understand that sometimes there’s just nothing you want to say about anything.

  4. Hi Richard:

    Nice to have you back in the blogging world. It’s always interesting to read whatever you have to write. As you know, you have a special knack for good writing. Keep them coming.



  5. Capt Dan

    Glad you’re back, sorry you had to move. You said that your old house was for sale, seemed like a nice place. Never heard of Guandu before, that’s why I enjoy your blog, I learn something new about Panama every time.

    I would have had to move sometime. I had a lease for two years and the original agreement was two years or when the owners retired and moved down which was their original plan. However, with the addition of three grand kids that isn’t going to happen so they put the house up for sale. I could have stayed in the house until it sells, and, frankly, I don’t see it going soon. But then I’d have to find a place within 30 days and who knows what would happen? I like this barriada and my neighbors, wo when I was offered the new place three doors away for the same price ($200/month) I took it.

    Stay tuned for stories about the avocado tree in the back yard that just finished flowering. Gonna be LOTS of guacamole in the future.

  6. Mike Morgan

    I found your blog and enjoy it very much. Like to email you and ask a few
    questions. I’m retired and thinking of coming to Panama. I like you outgoing
    look at life. oldsalt 1942 your blog is great.