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Been A Month

It’s been just over a month since my last post. A combination of things have contributed to the delay. One was moving from the old house to the new one, of course, and I really didn’t feel like writing about that. Boring. And speaking of boring, I kinda got bored with blogging, to tell you the truth, so I just didn’t do it. So shoot me!

It’s a bit noisier in the new house. The old digs were a little bit removed from everyone else, but here I’m surrounded by my neighbors. The young kids play right outside my gate. The neighbors are constantly dropping in on each other so their conversations drift my way. I drop in on them, too and get to mangle the Spanish language.

My lady neighbors are constantly asking me if I cook. I ask them if they think I eat everything out of a can. Certainly don’t order pizza delivered. Closest place that does that is about 15 miles away. Of COURSE I cook. And they’re always surprised when I tell them things like I had chicken a la king for la cena (supper) or chicken curry, stuffed peppers, home made spaghetti sauce, etc. But that still doesn’t seem to sink in all the way. Just as I was getting ready to fix lunch, Llella, from across the street brought me this…


A nice salad with fresh veggies, a dab of tuna and rice with guandú. Guandú, also known as ‘pigeon peas,’ are extremely popular here in Panama. The things grown on trees, not vines as we think of peas:


and when they’re stripped from the pods they look like this:


As you walk around in David or Bugaba you see people with plastic bags full of guandú for sale. This lunch was the first time I’d eaten guandú and I thought it rather bland and not something I’d go out of my way to buy on my own, but I enjoyed my Panamanian lunch.


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