Forced To Do It

I bought a “smart phone” yesterday. Ugh!

One of the indispensable pieces of equipment in my life has been my iPod. I use it to listen to books I’ve downloaded from I listen at the bus stop and I listen when I’m riding on the bus, too.

A year or so back my original iPod developed problems and I could no longer download anything to it so I went out and bought an iPod Nano. Earlier this week it, too, developed a problem. Something to do with the battery. Couldn’t reset the thing, either. The only way I could get it to work was when it was plugged into power. Letting it sit plugged in wouldn’t give it a charge.

On line it said I could get it fixed at an Apple Store. There’s one in Panama City, but that would require sitting on a bus for 14 hours (round trip) and a couple of night’s hotel stay to get it fixed, however much THAT might cost. It’s stuff like this that have made us a disposable society. It’s cheaper in the long run to just buy new.

So why not just buy a new iPod and save some money? Well, the one thing is the built-in camera. It’s not nearly as good as my regular camera, but that’s heavy, bulky, and generally stays at home unless I really want it. It’s also hard to get good candid photos with it because its size attracts attention, and there’s a photo essay I’ve been trying to get the pics for. I’ll give you a preview…

The Nöbe women wear a distinctive dress but I’ve noticed that their footwear is extremely varied: from rubber boots and flip flops to high heals and everything in between. I’ve captured a few samples but it will be much easier with a smart phone camera because it will simply look as though I’m texting, which is the national pass time of much of Panama.


I’ll be making another 4-hour passage over to Bocas del Toro in the next couple of weeks and I wouldn’t be able to do it without listening to my books. Right now I’m into Fortune Cookie by Bryce Courteney and narrated by the wonderful Humphrey Bower.


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2 responses to “Forced To Do It

  1. John & Susan

    Your perspective of life is very admirable!
    Thank you!

  2. I was biking on the road to La Barqueta and passed an Indian couple. She was barefoot – on the road, hot pavement! He said she has shoes but leaves them at home because she doesn’t like them very much.
    I am listening to Customs of the World: Using Cultural Intelligence to Adapt, Wherever You Are Written by: The Great Courses Narrated by: Professor David Livermore. Really interesting stuff, explains some of the differences I see in life here. Audio books are a wonderful thing!