There’s No Escaping Assholes…

It saddens me when I read about what’s going on in my country. The incredible polarization of the people is awful. It’s awful that a certain portion of the people have stigmatized the word “Liberal” and somehow turned it into a four-letter word.

You go online to certain forums and conservatives are crowing about their stunning “victory” in November’s election. They are completely incapable of reason. When only 33% of the total number of registered voters bother to go to the polls and your side barely ekes out HALF of THOSE votes, or roughly 16.75% of all registered voters, please explain to me how that becomes an overwhelming endorsement of conservative policies?


Yes, my Facebook page is filled with anti-conservative and anti-theist posts, so in some respects I’m as intolerant as those I criticize. But I DON’T promote racist points of view, misogynistic points of view, nor do I support homophobia. There are a lot of people who can’t stand what I post there and I’ve had a brother, a cousin and a nephew “unfriend me” on Facebook, but I look at it like this…


But no matter how far one separates themself from the heartland of the conservative twatwaffles they are always around. You just have to look at local web forums like Boquete.ning which is sort of a gringo bible down here to see a whole cadre of Climate Change Deniers, people who believe Obama is the anti-Christ incarnate.

And today, as I was eating lunch in David a white pickup passed with these two flag decals on the tailgate…


It’s really rather depressing to know that ignorance and intolerance and downright bigotry is able to secure a passport.



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3 responses to “There’s No Escaping Assholes…

  1. morton l. caplan

    Don’t be so quick to judge. I live in Mississippi and my politics are left of center. In my experience most people in my state who display the Confederate flag can be described as rednecks, but not all are bigots, even if they are not PC. As for the “don’t tread on me” flag, it was designed and used during the Revolutionary War, and was used by the Continental Marines. I used a depiction of it on a cargo trailer I built. Unfortunately it has been adopted by the Libertarians and the Tea Party, but this doesn’t mean that right minded people can’t also use it.

    Don’t you get dizzy from all the spinning you’re doing here, Morton? The ONLY confederate flag that was worth a damn was the white one the flew in surrender. And it doesn’t matter WHEN the Gadsden flag was designed, it NOW symbolizes bigotry and racism.

  2. John & Susan Pazera

    Good point Richard!

  3. Pathway To Portugal

    We’re the people in the truck Gringos? Just curious. I don’t want to assume.

    Do you think people pasting those decals on their pick ’em up truck would be Chiricanos? Not likely.