Chiriquí Flu Update

Las autoridades municipales, en consenso con representantes del distrito de Barú, en la provincia de Chiriquí, acordaron suspender cualquier tipo de actividad relacionada con las fiestas del dios Momo ante la alerta por el brote del virus A (H1N1) en la región.

My rough translation of this story from Critica newspaper is:

“Municipal authorities, together with representatives of the Barú district in Chiriquí province have decided to suspend any type of party activities related to Carnival because of the outbreak of the A (H1N1) virus in the region.”  Barú district is home of Puerto Armuelles and La Frontera where most of the cases have come from.



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2 responses to “Chiriquí Flu Update

  1. indacampo

    Smart going. Wish they’d come to the conclusion that lack of water for sanitation and drinking is kind of a health situation also. We’re very lucky to have a reserve tank a bombas de agua and a generator. Our neighbors aren’t so lucky. I will remain optimistic. I will remain optimistic. I will remain optimistic….. Trying to find my Zen zone.

  2. I hope that doesn’t mean they will all be coming here to party