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This starts off with an order not delivered. It could be a  recruitment ad for FedEx. Would go something like this:

“Are you stupid? Dumb as a rock? Unable to think clearly? Then FedEx has a job for you as a delivery driver!”

I ordered some window rain drip guards for the Mitsubishi SUV. The “Track Package” feature said it had been delivered last Sunday and signed for by a BBRIANA. The problem is…my mail drop is CLOSED on Sundays. There’s even a sign in the door that says, “CLOSED.” But instead of the moron saying, well, I guess I’ll come back tomorrow to make sure this gets in the right hands. Let me write this down…”Open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.” How effin’ difficult is that? But NOOOOOO. “Oh, look, there’s a complete stranger walking down the sidewalk. Hey, you! Yes, you, will you sign for this package so I don’t have to make a trip back here tomorrow?”

I contacted FedEx and talked to a curry-scented customer service rep who hasn’t succumbed to the Covid epidemic ravaging India. Got sort of a shoulder shrug, “We’ll investigate,” comment. Also contacted the vendor and told them what had happened via email and asked how they intended on making this good for me. We’ll see.

If you go back about three or four posts you’ll see a Bob Wells video of how to use PVC pipe to make a metal bed frame even in the uneven floor of a minivan or SUV, I thought it was a great idea considering how the wheel wells in my Mitsubishi intrude on the space available and up towards the seats the floor drops down several inches from back by the wheels. 

Monday I went out to Home Depot and bought five precut pieces of 2″ PVC. Why five when there are six legs? Because I was thinking I’d leave the middle on off of the outboard side nd use it anchored on top of the wheel hump. Then adjust the other legs as needed. 

Well, of course when I picked the frame up yesterday, Tuesday, from the mail drop I discovered a couple of discouraging things. First, the legs are just a bit too big to slip into the diameter of a 2″ piece of PVC. And the joint that holds the two parts of the side frame together also include THAT leg and I’d have to cut it off in order to lay that part of the frame on the wheel hump. Fortunately the frame will sit, JUST, between the wheel humps. Not my ideal, but compromises must be accommodated.

HD has always been good about taking returns so I got a store credit and went and bought some 3″ PVC. Man is this ever going to look UghLEEE! C’est la vie, right? Back in the swamp I unwrapped all the bed parts and actually read the instructions which, though translated from Chinese, are primarily drawings. All the parts are numbered with little stickers corresponding to the drawings. I wanted to get as much done before it got too sweltering hot. The two side pieces went together like a snap. Then, as I was starting on the end pieces I looks at the legs. They’re like square metal channel. And what’s this? at the bottom of each leg is a rubber cap that detaches easily. Hmmmm. I wonder? YES! A piece of 2″ PVC will easily fit INSIDE the leg so it should work just as well as putting the legs inside the PVC. Right? So tomorrow it’s back to Home Depot to return the 3″ pipes. I got the sides and end pieces assembled, but not joined when I just couldn’t keep going in the 90+F temp and humidity. So I’ll get it done tomorrow.

The arrows point to the parts I’ve assembled. Just need to join it all together, put in the slats, get the legs situated so everything’s level and I’ll be good to go.

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