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More Progress…And Morons Running America.

Up and at ’em before it gets oppressively hot here in the swamp off the Saint Johns River in DeBary, FL.

Start off with the good news. I was able to remove the passenger seat in the Mitsubishi Montero Sport SUV. The new bed, as shown in the previous post, takes up most of the interior of the vehicle behind the seats to the tailgate. It left no room to put the 12-volt fridge I have. And I’m NOT going on a multi-month expedition without it!

Removing the back seat was easy. THIS was a challenge. The seat is on a tracks so it can be moved forwards and backwards. There are four bolts holding the tracks, two to a side. The outboard side was simple and easy to get to.

So was the forward bolt on the inboard track, but the aft bolt was partially blocked by the center console cowling. Apparently no way to get a wrench on it.

So I dismantled the back of the seat first and then got the bottom off after taking out four bolts there. The outboard track just lifted off. I couldn’t remove the center console but then discovered that the plastic obscuring the bolt was reasonably pliable. I was able to bend it back and get a socket down on the bolt and, voila, out came the track. Now I’ve got plenty of room for the fridge.

Yes, I KNOW it’s messy, Captain Obvious. Now, piss off!


You’ve read about how stupid the driver from FedEx was about handing my package to some unknown who apparently disappeared with it. Well, now the USPS is giving FedEx a run for their money.

I ordered a large container to store a lot of stuff on my journey.

It was SUPPOSED to arrive at my maildrop yesterday, Thursday, June 10. It didn’t. I got a message saying the delivery had been delayed. Here’s how things went…

Thursday, June 10 – 5:00 PM Delivery Delay

7:20 AM – Package transferred to another carrier for delivery. Orange City, FL

5:41 AM Package departed an Amazon facility Davenport, FL

3:00 AM Package has left the carrier facility. Davenport, FL US

Okay. Now Orange City abuts DeBary where the mail drop is. The Orange City Post office is 3.6 miles from the drop box location. But do they return it there for delivery on Friday? HELL, NO! They effin send it to Stuart, FL :

8:51 AM Package arrived at a carrier facility. Stuart, FL

That’s a round trip of 356 effin’ miles!!!

Ten to one all these idiots believe the five deferment draft dodger Donald Trump is a patriot and undoubtedly voted for the Giant Orange Wart.

People sometimes ask me what it was I liked so much about Panama. Well, for one thing, it isn’t HERE!!! (And before any rightwing moron reading this says “Then why don’t you go back?” I say, “Get Medicare to pay when I’m not living in this country and I’ll be gone.” In the meantime…


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