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On The Road Again

If you’ve got to break down in Virginia make sure you do it near the Susquehanna Auto Service Center in Marionville, VA. Super nice people. I was towed in 15 minutes after they closed on Thursday. The lot was filled. They obviously couldn’t get me going the next day, but said they’d do everything they could to get me going on Monday. The let me camp out in my SUV for the weekend saving me about $250! In fact, they’re such nice people that the owner came by Sunday morning and gave me a cold bottle of Pepsi, a cold bottle of water and a big bad of cheese puffs.

The put the car into the garage around 10:30 and were done by 1:30. I dreaded what it was going to set me back, but the alternator was on warranty having been replaced recently in South Carolina. All I was supposed to pay was for labor. When the girl was totaling everything up she said they’d had to replace on of the serpentine belts as the old one disintegrated. I received another surprise when presented with the bill. JUST $193.09!!!

Took the Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway down to Roanoke. 


It would be cool if you were a passenger in the car. Sucks If you’re driving. Very narrow, twisting road. Heavily forested.Road disappears into the shadows thrown by the trees. Not going to continue on that route but going to mosey down to Florence, SC tomorrow on back roads.

Spending another night at a Cracker Barrel. This one, though a bit noisy with a highway hidden on the other side of a tall hedge.

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