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Camp Thoughts

Nothing is a bigger incentive to putting the rainfly over the top of the tent than the sound of loud, approaching thunder.

After having the THIRD alternator installed in the last couple of months but the good people at Jim’s Auto Repairs in Lake City, Florida, I returned to the Stephen Foster Cultural Center State Park. I got to Jim’s just as they opened at 8 a.m. When I explained that I was traveling they put me on “urgent” status, apparently, and I was back on the road before noon. If you have to break down in north Florida, try and arrange it so you’re near Lake City and Jim’s. They did me right.

Not being sure of when the repairs would be finished I didn’t look for any parks closer to home and decided to return here. I like the place and at $10 a night with water and electricity at the site it’s an unbeatable deal. Will be here through the weekend.

My most important breathing med, Trilogy, was on its last hit, though I still have some of the Breo Ellipta left, I called the Lake City Wally World Pharmacy and renewed the prescription which will be ready this afternoon, Fri.

It was sweltering when I got back to the park. Willy Weather says the heat index was between 106F to 108F! It took forever to get the tent pitched. Do a little, stop, sit and catch breath, repeat. Of course it finally got done but it was a real battle. I didn’t put the rain fly on since it was bright and sunny. But a couple of hours later what had been distant thunder became a lot louder, and a lot closer. I went out and struggled getting the rain fly over the tent. Only the second time I’ve done it but I think I’ve figured out how to do it a little easier next time. Practice makes perfect, they say.

About a half hour later it started to pour. Lightning all around. This lasted for well over an hour and the rain continued on into the night. I slept well, though, on my new Osage River Camping Cot…

Except for a couple of old man moments in the middle of the night I got almost eleven hours of shut eye. Didn’t sleep well at the motel the other night. People back and forth all night. Noisy. Even worse in a lot of ways then the constant drone of traffic I encountered when overnighting at Cracker Barrels.

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