Back On Board

More or less moved back into the boat. I’ve been dividing up my time between the Montero and the boat since I got back from my not so epic journey. I’ve been cooking on the boat since that’s where the 11 lb. propane tank is located, but I’ve been keeping the fridge in the Montero along with the Bluetti battery pack and 110-volt light. That’s using almost nothing for energy since it has an LED bulb. I’ve been sleeping in the van. Yes, it IS inconvenient going back and forth to cook and sleep.I’ve been sleeping on the 4″ trifold mattress I was using on the boat. I transferred it to the SUV when I was making the trip. I wanted to leave it on the bed frame so I’d have a comfortable place to sleep when off the boat. I’ve been trying for WEEKS to get another mattress. The first one I ordered from (Boo! Hiss!) Amazon was delayed a couple of weeks and then I was told it was unavailable. So I ordered a differemt one from them. It took a couple of weeks and then reached Apopka just a few miles up the road. They brought it down to my mail drop at 5:30 last week even though the delivery instructions clearly state deliveries cannot be made after 4:30! It was returned to Apopka over the weekend and then I received a message that it was “Undeliverable.” It has been returned to the sender and my money was refunded. It has been over a month trying to get a new mattress.Last night I ordered ANOTHER mattress from (BOO! HISS!) Wally World. Give them a try. How much worse can it get? It’s actually the same mattress I’ve been sleeping on for the past couple of years and it’s very comfortable. We’ll see what happens this time.

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  1. Everyone’s having to cope with those delivery issues — but you’ve got a couple of added complexities, that’s for sure. I hope you get a timely delivery, and some good nights’ sleep!