Notes from The Swamp

Closing in on 9 p.m. Been raining for over an hour A few peals of thunder every now and then. Weather radar shows blobs of activity all over central Florida. The weather forecasts call for rain to some degree every day all up into the weekend. That’s okay. I like hearing the drops on the cabin top.

Got thrown in Facebook Prison for another 30 days. What pisses me off is I’ve posted this EXACT SAME pic and another like it literally dozens of times…

This supposedly violates Facebooks nebulous “Community Standards” for “Bullying.” Up to now I’ve avoided anything political on this blog but that changes today. Right now with this post! Quite frankly I can’t stand conservatives and conservative Republicans are the scum of the earth as far as I’m concerned…

There will be more about this sort of thing as days pass.

I thought about leaving Facebook completely, but there are a couple of groups there that I run and I don’t want to drop them. There are also ukulele groups I follow that help me develop. So I’m just going to have to refrain from commenting on anything when I return.

In the meantime…

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