Coping With COPD

Went for my 3 month visit with the pulmonologist. He was an hour late seeing me and then our total visit was less than 10 minutes.

He wanted to do a blood/oxygen test which consists of putting one of those thingies on your finger and then doing a walking stint for 6 minutes. Starting level was 97%. After about 3 minutes was down to 92%. My 80 year-old hips were beginning to hurts so I said “Fuck it” and told the nurse I wasn’t going to make 6 minutes. Hey! I’m down to 21% lung capacity. I’m not going to push it any more than I have to.

The doc ordered some kind of B/02 tester that I’m going to be receiving soon. Supposed to wear it around my wrist while sleeping and then send it back for them to do some kind of study. Sounds like more mumbo-jumbo bullshit to me, but we’ll see.

Anyway, I did get the form to take to the D/L bureau to get a handicapped plaque to hang on my mirror. Lots of places it hasn’t bothered me not having one. If I can get two or three spots away from the handicapped space I’m okay. I still have to sit in the SUV for several minutes to get my breath back to what passes for normal these days, though. Going to places like Home Depot and the Super Wally World, on the other hand can be a real bitch.

Will go to the D/L Bureau tomorrow. I need to change my address, anyways. Also get my voter registration changed. Think I’m actually going to register as a Republikunt so I can participate in their primaries and screw with their system. Don’t, and WON’T vote for any of those assholes in a general election anyway.

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