Cooking on a Small Boat (Chapter 2)

Five days ago I wrote a post about my problems with the pressure regulators on the small, single-burner stoves I’ve been cooking on blowing up. Fortunately they did their job cutting off the propane from the 11-pound tank I keep in the cockpit so there was no fire hazard. (As per Coast Guard regulations I have a fire extinguisher that is within arm’s grasp) But last night the THIRD one self-destructed. The part I’m talking about is in the red circle. . . I’m pissed!

That was my first dual/fuel stove and I liked it a lot. The plus factor was that when I couldn’t use the propane I COULD use one of those small butane cylinders so I was still able to brew my morning mug of espresso. But not much more than that because those cylinders only provide about 3 hours of cooking time.

I was able to buy a replacement hose from Amazon but when that one blew and I went online they are no longer available. So I bought a different brand. I liked this one even better.

But it only lasted a month before the regulator shit the bed! Gee ZUSS!!!

I went online to see about getting a stove sorta like I’d had on my Kaiser. (Not the actual one)

What I discovered on my search was a tiny two-burner camping stove/oven. I’ve missed being able to bake anything the past few years so this seemed like it might work. Size is the important thing. Basically my actual living area is about 7-1/2 feet X 7 feet. The available space for a stove, after deductions for the solar generator, the fridge and a three-drawer thingy that holds a bunch of junk, it minimal. The Gas One stove worked well…

The stove/oven combo is a bit bigger, but with a little bit of rearranging should be doable…

It’s scheduled to arrive at my mail drop on Monday…We’ll see. In the meantime I have the butane and my Instant Pot. I won’t be wanting for hot food.

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