Pedasi, Panama

Many Panamanians have said that one of THEIR favorite places in the country is the small town of Pedasi on the Azuero peninsula. Since this current trip to Panama was designed not simply to renew my “Cedula”, the official ID card issued to me by Immigration, but to explore the country to see where I might want to settle down, I decided to go spend a couple of days in Pedasi.

I made a reservation at a place called Dim’s Hostal which my guide book said was the BEST place to stay in Pedasi. They weren’t mistaken. Dim’s is a funky place and was a good choice.


Dim’s is right next door to this restaurant…img_0256

Dim’s Front Porch


Dim’s Second Floor


A great place to lounge around and chat with other guests at Dim’s after. . .


a visit to the beach


Life in the Slow Lane…this is morning hour rush hour in Pedasi


Life is good

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