Emergency Room Sticker Shock

Lee Zeltzer, who has the blog http://www.boqueteguide.com/:

wrote about a fire creeping up on his home the other day. Though they got through unscathed it wasn’t without incident:

“I ended up with something blowing into my eye and was blinded but decided to sleep and see if it was just an irritation that would be cleared by the morning; it wasn’t. Our Monday started with a trip to the Hospital Chiriqui Emergency room. The doctor there extracted what appeared to be a hair from my eye and gave me prescriptions for eye drops.

“When I was presented the ER bill I was a bit shocked. It has been a long time since a visit to an emergency room so I expected sticker shock. I received what I expected, shock. The bill was $5.15, a hospital aspirin costs more than that in the US.”

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