Tour de France

Posting may become a bit sporadic in the next three weeks. The Tour de France is on the t.v. and I have watched it every year since 1989 except when I was on my cruise through Mexico, Belize and Guatemala.

Not only do I like bike racing, but having lived in France for nearly three years I enjoy watching the race as it progresses through the countryside. The shots from the helicopters as the riders pass through old vinyards and medieval towns are spectacular.

This year’s race started with a time trial (a race against the clock with each rider starting at 90 second intervals) wound its way through the streets of Monaco and a little bit into the surrounding area. Had to. Monaco isn’t even as big as Central Park in New York and is second only to Vatican City as being the smallest country in the world.

The race ends in three weeks in Paris as the riders sprint down the Champs Elysee, which reminds me of two jokes:

Why is the Champs Elysee so wide and lines with trees?

So the Germans don’t get sunburned when they drive their tanks down it.

One day at the Bar du Port in Antibes my friend Bill was in an argument with a couple of the local drunks:

“You know the Arc de Triumph in Paris?” he asked.

“Bien sur,” (of course) they slurred in unison.

“Too bad YOU guys never get to use it,” Bill said.

I thought we were going to have to fight our way out of there that day, but even the Frogs thought it was funny.

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  1. nilshammar


    Thanks for some nice comments on my blog, I see you know your Thoreau.

    Another good one, which I came to think of this weekend, is from Hal Roth. This is how he explains why he’s spent a life cruising the world:

    “The freedom and the pleasure.”

    Inspiring words, all of them.